O2 XDA II mini

I guess its about time i write a little about my 02 xda mini before its spiral dive to extinction. Its been two years since i bought it. First of all the choices are pretty obvious choosing between a PDA and a Smartphone. The first reason would be that, this would be the third touch screen i ll be going for. The reason being that , the stylus acts pretty much like the mouse and hence reliefs oneself from the haze of navigating through the menus with the buttons. The second is that, its on a window mobile os plateform. Hence there is a lot of agility in synchronizing with several packages on a window base pc. Visual studio 2005 also come with a neat package for developing window mobile applications. thus people with a bit of creativity could readily try out their hands on this aspect as while.

With all the glitters there obviously is a fact that its not a piece of cake for quite a lot. One explanation would be that. it takes sometime to get use to the touch screen way of getting things done. and most people give up a little too quickly to really appreciate what the gadgets really has in stored.
One fact that will tickle you.
The speed of the processor is 416 MHz and an inbuilt 64 mb ram which is equivalent to a normal home pc till 2000 .
Signing off with a word…. ” its worth giving it a shot, There is nothing to loose, and if you happen to get along, you will get hooked”