Why a Cruiser over the other bikes?
The question is obvious and answers are miles apart. No sensible rider will ever be confused with the choice had one put in some thoughts over it. But its worth mentioning a few facts for those still trying to figure it out. Though few, my reasons are clear for having owned both.

Few facts on Cruisers:

Its not meant for pickup hence not ideal for zapping between busy city traffic but rather its build more for the comfort and the macho look.

Fuel efficiency is never a design essential. Hence don’t expect too much from a litre.

It can be a little heavy but then its pays for the smooth ride.

Considering the average market price across various section. Cruiser falls in the higher ranges

From an Indian perspective, there are not much a choices . The nearest one can get to a true cruise feeling would be from the varies models of Royal Enfield.

Lastly, if you happen to be thinking of a long comfortable ride across the country side. you don’t have to think twice, for the cruisers are just made for it.

With this bit of inputs i hope i have done justice across sections.