1.Eclipse Platform Version: 3.x.x Download

I recommend Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers if you are not planning on developing eclipse plugin or doing a research on the eclipse framework 😉

2.Tomcat 5.5.x Download

Go for Windows Service Installer (pgp, md5) if you dont have all the time in the world to go about configuring everything on you own.

3. EclipseHTMLEditor and FacesIDE plugin. Download

In addition you can install SysDEO’s Tomcat plugin (Download) for easy Startup , Stoping and restarting of Tomcat from Eclipse IDE. will save you the time in finding the tomcat startup file every time you wanna run and application.

Steps Involved

1. Install the Eclipse using the setup file.

Eclipse does have a plain simple folder structure

eg: E:\eclipse_jee\eclipse\

| —readme

| —configurations

| —features

| —plugins

2. Install Tomcat if not yet.

3. Extract the content of SysDEO’s Tomcat plugin ( and place the whole extracted folder into the plugins folder of eclipse.

4. Restart eclipse using –clean attribute on the command (right click the shortcut for eclipse, and select properties. Enter ‘-clean’ at the ‘Target’ textbox). Remove the -clean attribute after verifying the plugins are present.

5. To confirm the plugins are installed. go to help in eclipse, choose ‘About Eclipse SDK’ and select ‘Plug-in Details’ in the popup window. should the plugins be present, you should see the entries.