In this colossus habitat, where every form  is a unique entity in its own undisputed rights. We enjoy the highest order in the hierarchy but sadly only a few of us seems to realize the privilege bestowed, in its true hue. With the exception of these few, the rest of us are hectic trying to blend into the social environment which is least necessary when compared with the mysterious truths unexplored. how many of us really value the truth(in all sense)?

Most of us are skeptical by nature. we all have amazing perception. But skepticism remains. That is because our perceptions are never constructive or complete. We often jump to conclusions too quickly about others instead of taking a few extra steps further to see the brighter side of it , the truth.

We all enjoy our liberty asking question and raising doubts. But are those with a true intention of getting the truth. Many are contended with the question and doubts they raised,  least bothered about the answers. Also, there are those of us , who still confine ourselves in our cocoons neither with question nor doubts. Being either of these , will do us no good.

Everything in all manners has a logical framework. Hence, armed with a logically correct mindset , with an eagerness to find the truth, doesn’t matter how simple or complex it might seem, one can be sure to hit the truth. The truth with a  balanced mixture of human emotion is the magic potion. However good solutions are well obtained through collective collaboration and correlation on logical reasoning . What could be even better than living an elated life of understanding, without doubts, chaos and confusions?

Have faith and seek the truth , then life is a smooth ride