Changing the MouseHoverTime, Add delay on the tooltips pop up

A week ago while working on Eclipse i started having an annoying problem, where the tool tips were being displayed way too fast prompting me to look into the preference setting. However there was non. Later on i realize it was not confined to Eclipse alone. After having spend a hell lot of time goggling, there was one that was relevant, it was something to do with the mousehovertime entry in the registry key. Here below are the steps to get around the issue

Step 1: Go to Run and enter regedit

This will open the Registry editor

Step 2: Go the the Registry Key “mouse”  as in the picture below and look for the entry “mousehovertime” on the right span.

Changing the mousehovertime key

Changing the mousehovertime key

If  you see one, click on it and you should get a pop-up as the one below

Pop Up

Change the value to 300 and click ok.

However if it absent from the list create a new by right-clicking on mouse as belowuntitled2

and rename it as MouseHoverTime and change the value in the pop-up as shown earlier

Step 3: Log off and re-login


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