How to fix the “Attention, some dangerous trojan horses detected” virus

One of the latest virus doing the round is the one that give you an error message

Clicking on ‘Yes’ will as you to download another malware , ‘No’ will redirect to you a page that fakes a system scan and further ask you to download a fix.

This virus is not a memory-resident programs or a startup services but a BHO ( Browser Help Object) . Hence the reason for being triggered whenever the windows explorer is used.

The fix is to download a patch called FixIEDef.exe written by ShadowPuterDude of Malwareteks

If you get an error message as below on running

“Line -1:

Error: Variable must be of type “Object1″

Download and install ‘Windows Scripts 5.7″ for windows xp and “windows Scripts 5.6” for windows 2000

and rerun the FixIEDef.exe . That should get rid of the virus.


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