Configuring svnserve to Run as a Windows Service

Configuring svnserve to Run as a Windows Service


Windows 2000/2003/XP or Vista and Subversion 1.4.0 or higher.

Obtain subversion by downloading the CollabNet Subversion server installer from openCollabNet.

Install as Service

Assuming that the subversion is installed and svn repository created and likely the reason for you being here. Proceed with the following instructions

Windows includes a program named “sc.exe” that will be used to create the service .

sc create svnserve binpath= “\”C:\Program Files\CollabNet Subversion Server\svnserve.exe\” –service -r C:\repositories” displayname= “Subversion Server” depend= Tcpip start= auto


In this colossus habitat, where every form  is a unique entity in its own undisputed rights. We enjoy the highest order in the hierarchy but sadly only a few of us seems to realize the privilege bestowed, in its true hue. With the exception of these few, the rest of us are hectic trying to blend into the social environment which is least necessary when compared with the mysterious truths unexplored. how many of us really value the truth(in all sense)?

Most of us are skeptical by nature. we all have amazing perception. But skepticism remains. That is because our perceptions are never constructive or complete. We often jump to conclusions too quickly about others instead of taking a few extra steps further to see the brighter side of it , the truth.

We all enjoy our liberty asking question and raising doubts. But are those with a true intention of getting the truth. Many are contended with the question and doubts they raised,  least bothered about the answers. Also, there are those of us , who still confine ourselves in our cocoons neither with question nor doubts. Being either of these , will do us no good.

Everything in all manners has a logical framework. Hence, armed with a logically correct mindset , with an eagerness to find the truth, doesn’t matter how simple or complex it might seem, one can be sure to hit the truth. The truth with a  balanced mixture of human emotion is the magic potion. However good solutions are well obtained through collective collaboration and correlation on logical reasoning . What could be even better than living an elated life of understanding, without doubts, chaos and confusions?

Have faith and seek the truth , then life is a smooth ride

JSF Calendar Component Issues


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It was on the 2nd of Feb 2009 that I came across the issue with jsf calendar component. The issues was due to the calendar renderer class rendering only four rows of  the dates as all dates fitted within that, hence the javascript error for the missing row. The quick get around over this was to add an additional row if there was only four rows.

This will be a recurring issues when all dates of feb fits perfectly on four rows of the calendar.

You can download the webui.jar with the updated CalendarMonthRendered.class on the link below.

Code added on is as below

writer.startElement(“tr”, calendarMonth);
String rowId = rowIdPrefix + rowNum++;
writer.writeAttribute(“id”, rowId, null);
for(int i = 0; i < 7; i++)
boolean selected = calendarMonth.isDateSelected(startDate, endDate);
boolean dayInMonth = startDate.get(2) == displayedMonth;
String style = styles[19];
style = styles[20];
style = styles[21];
} else
if(calendarMonth.compareDate(startDate, todaysDate))
style = styles[22];
style = styles[18];
renderDateLink(startDate, style, dateLinkPrefix.concat(String.valueOf(dateLinkId)), calendarMonth, writer);
startDate.add(6, 1);


Hope this save a trouble for few.

How do you change the mouse hover time


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A week ago while working on Eclipse i started having an annoying problem, where the tool tips were being displayed way too fast prompting me to look into the preference setting. However there was non. Later on i realize it was not confined to Eclipse alone. After having spend a hell lot of time goggling, there was one that was relevant, it was something to do with the mousehovertime entry in the registry key. Here below are the steps to get around the issue

Step 1: Go to Run and enter regedit

This will open the Registry editor

Step 2: Go to the Registry Key “mouse”  as in the picture below and look for the entry “mousehovertime” on the right span.

Changing the mousehovertime key

Changing the mousehovertime key

If  you see one, click on it and you should get a pop-up as the one below

Pop Up

Change the value to 300 and click ok.

However if it absent from the list create a new by right-clicking on mouse as belowuntitled2

and rename it as MouseHoverTime and change the value in the pop-up as shown earlier

Step 3: Log off and re-login

Where to download or watch free movies and listen to songs?


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For those of you who still don’t find the grace in paying for anything that comes in bits and bytes and yet still have difficulties in finding the jackpot in the spidy internet web, I won’t mind spending a few minutes scarping this down to save you all a lot of sweat doing the search.

Sites where you can watch streaming movies:




Sites where you can readily listen to musics:





Sites where you can download software, movies and musics:




Well, as for the download , you will need a tool called BitTorrent. Download it clicking on the same or get it from the official site  You will also have to donwload an unzipping tool called WinRAR since some of the movies comes in the compressed format.

Now that i mentioned the links , I hope it save you guys a lot of trouble and time.


Developing JavaServer Faces(JSF) applications in Eclipse


1.Eclipse Platform Version: 3.x.x Download

I recommend Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers if you are not planning on developing eclipse plugin or doing a research on the eclipse framework 😉

2.Tomcat 5.5.x Download

Go for Windows Service Installer (pgp, md5) if you dont have all the time in the world to go about configuring everything on you own.

3. EclipseHTMLEditor and FacesIDE plugin. Download

In addition you can install SysDEO’s Tomcat plugin (Download) for easy Startup , Stoping and restarting of Tomcat from Eclipse IDE. will save you the time in finding the tomcat startup file every time you wanna run and application.

Steps Involved

1. Install the Eclipse using the setup file.

Eclipse does have a plain simple folder structure

eg: E:\eclipse_jee\eclipse\

| —readme

| —configurations

| —features

| —plugins

2. Install Tomcat if not yet.

3. Extract the content of SysDEO’s Tomcat plugin ( and place the whole extracted folder into the plugins folder of eclipse.

4. Restart eclipse using –clean attribute on the command (right click the shortcut for eclipse, and select properties. Enter ‘-clean’ at the ‘Target’ textbox). Remove the -clean attribute after verifying the plugins are present.

5. To confirm the plugins are installed. go to help in eclipse, choose ‘About Eclipse SDK’ and select ‘Plug-in Details’ in the popup window. should the plugins be present, you should see the entries.

How to fix the “Attention, some dangerous trojan horses detected” virus


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One of the latest virus doing the round is the one that shows the message

“Some dangerous trojan horses detected in your system. Microsoft Windows XP files corrupted. This may lead to the destruction of important files in C:\WINDOWS. Download protection software now!”

on a pop up window. clicking on ‘yes’ will promt one to download a malware, if ‘cancel’ ,you will be redirected to a webpage “ ” that fakes a system scan.

To get around this issues, download a patch called FixIEDef by ShadowPuterDude.

Run the dowloaded exe and that should get rid of the virus.

However if in case,  you get an error running the exe file , try dowloading and installing Windows Script 5.7 and Windows Script 5.6 for windows XP and windows 2000 respectively .